BlackWork Worldwide LLC Statement on Covid-19 Impact on Product Pricing

 Blackwork Supply is dedicated to providing high quality products including medical grade glove protection to the Tattoo Industry.  The emergence of the worldwide pandemic known as Covid 19 has dramatically impacted supply chains around the world including the production and sale of our glove products. During the shutdown of the Tattoo industry, Blackwork provided limited glove shipments to frontline healthcare workers to provide for their protection while holding back inventories for our Tattoo customers in anticipation of the reopening of the industry.

 Ours and others glove products are made around the world with a majority coming out of Thailand and Malaysia. While other countries offer glove production, our experience is that the highest quality typically come from these regions. Our customer commitment is to only offer top quality products from reputable producers.  Unfortunately, we have been informed that the pandemic is affecting everything from raw material availability to finished product production and is skyrocketing prices on certain glove products with Nitrile being most affected.  Please know that we continue to monitor and communicate with the factories to mitigate both the timing and impact of these price increases and will only pass on those increases that are unavoidable. 

 We will continue to update you with regard to the current situation and are committed to complete transparency with all of our valued customers.